About Me

My name is Marlin Küppers. I studied “Animation and Game” at the “Hochschule Darmstadt” for 6 semesters. During this time, I made 5 games within a project group of two to five people and one by myself as my bachelor thesis.

After that, I had a phase of personal projects. In this time I published the game Squid and participated in the “Mobile VR Jam 2015” with Offroad.

I am familiar with different sections of game development, including art, programming and game design. In my time at the university, I proved myself in working in a team. Furthermore I showed that I am fast at learning new tools and technologies. I like the challenge to adapt existing art styles as well as developing new ones.

Additionally, I gathered experience with industry related real time Applications development in my jobs at NMY and Pixomondo. This includes working with a variety of virtual reality and touch devices.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.